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Croatian cooking is delicious, sumptuous, and varied, drawing upon the wealth of the sea and coast, the rugged karstic region, hinterland, wild mountains and cultivated fields...

The great diversity of climates, influences, cirsumstances, habits and customs logically results in a wide variety of foods and cooking metods. Significiant differences occur, even within county borders, especially in Kvarner County. The cuisine here, as everywhere, is determined by the natural surroundings, the availability of ingredients, way of life, as wel as neighboring and conquering cultures, but most of all the economic situation and local ingenuity. The differences are striking, making them all the more interesting. Today's cuisine is the culmination of all these influences, intact and complete documents of their time and place. Cooking is an important part of the identity of a nation and its culural heritage.

It is important for you to know that the fish and shellfish come from the crystal-clear sea, the fruits and vegetables were grown on soil that has not been poisoned by chemicals, and the lamb and game breathed pure fresh air. The food here is healthfull!

If the expression that love passes through the stomach is true, Croatia is the country for love!

Good appetite!