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Delnice - CroatiaDelnice

A town in Gorski Kotar; elevation 696 m; population 4,696. Economy is based on wood-processing. Moderate moun--tain climate and a variety of natural resources and sites (Hajdova Hiza, Drgomalj and Petehovac) and modern sports facilities provided excellent opportunities for the development of Delnice into a tourist centre of Gorski Kotar. Delnice is located on the main road (M12, E65) and the railroad Zagreb - Rijeka.

Centre of the Modruska parish, abandoned in the 16th century due to Turkish invasions; again revived in the 17th century. With the construction of the Louisian road at the beginning of the 19th century Delnice entered a period of flourish and became a centre of sub-county (1857). The parish church of St. John the Baptist is a three-nave structure; the main altar and two side altars are shaped in late Baroque styles. The church keeps a valuable neo-Gothic monstrance. - With its architectural forms and furnishing, the house of the family Klobucar-Racki (Supilova Street 94) represents the way of life of the older inhabitants of Delnice and all ethnographic features of the region.

Almost a century-old tradition of excursions, health tourism, sports and other forms of tourism, along with natural beauties and climatic features make Delnice the tourist centre of the region of Gorski Kotar. First inns and boarding houses were built along the old Louisian road as early as the end of the 19th century. Since Delnice may be reached in an hour from Rijeka and the nearby resorts on the Kvarner riviera, it is an ideal place for one-day excursions, short visits to the peaks of Gorski Kotar (Drgomalj, Petehovac) but also for longer stays.

Today Delnice provides a number of visitor opportunities: hotels, sports facilities, hunting grounds. At the foot of Japlenski Vrh (Japlenski Peak) are sports facilities (football, basketball, bowling alley, boccia court) and two very good ski-jumps. The sports hall Dom sportova, with a hall and a swimming pool (12x25 m), provides excellent opportunities for sports training and recreation. Well known specialities of the local cuisine - venison - are offered in Lovacki Dom (Huntsmen's Lodge) and many other taverns (in the surroundings). Very interesting for visitors is the right to shoot game during open season. Permits should be applied for at the Forest Management in Delnice (Uprava Suma Delnice); there is a permanent price list for the game shot. After hunting, the trophies are assessed and huntsmen receive a trophy certificate and a veterinarian certificate. On the territory under the Forest Management huntsmen's lodging houses can be rented. In the vicinity of Delnice is also Risnjak National Park, which is rightly called a nature museum (see Risnjak).


National Park Risnjak - HR - 51311 Crni lug

Pension/Restaurant "Predah" - Supilova 31 - HR - 51300 DELNICE
Pension/Restaurant "Lipovac" - Eugena Kvaternika 27 - HR 51304 GEROVO
Pension/Restaurant "Bijela ruza" - Ivana Gorana Kovacica 16 - HR 51314 RAVNA GORA
Hotel "Zeleni vir" - J. Blazenica-Blaza 1- HR - 51311 SKRAD
Hotel "Crni lug" - National Park Risnjak - HR - 51311 Crni lug
HOC "Bjelolasica" - Savska 41 - HR - 10000 ZAGREB


Restaurant "Mali Raj" - Zdihovo 10 - HR - 51329 SEVERIN NA KUPI
Bistro "Zelena Terasa" - Rim 6 - HR - 51329 - SEVERIN NA KUPI
Bar "Vizjak" - Šije 14 - HR - 51313 KUPJAK

Tourism communities:

Tourism community Grad Delnice - Lujzinska Ulica 44 - HR - 51300 DELNICE
Tourism community Opcina Lokve - R. Strohala - HR - 51316 LOKVE