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Porec - CroatiaPorec

A town, port and tourist resort on the western coast of Istria; popu-lation 7,585. The peninsula represents the natural border of the town in which remains of the Roman architecture can be found even today: cardo - decumanus. Landscape is formed of predominantly low and tame limestone plain situated between the Mirna valley in the north and the Limski Kanal Fjord in the south. The climate is extremely mild, free of oppressive summer heat; an average air temperature in August, the warmest month, reaches 24 °C and in January 4.5 °C. The average annual rainfall of 920 mm is equally distributed all over the year, supporting luxuriant vegetation; forests of pines and stone pine reach the sea in places. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. The old part of the town is situated on a small peninsula separated from the mainland by an artificial canal, and protected from the maritime influences by the island of St. Nicholas, distinguished by its rocky and sand beaches. The bathing beach and a large campsite are located in a nice cove south of the town, ringed by a pine forest. The tourist resorts of Plava laguna (Blue Lagoon) and Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon) lie farther in the south. The tourist resort Pical is located north of the town. Situated at the intersection of the main road (M2, E751) connecting Porec with Pazin and Pula, and of the regional road running along the western coast of Istria.

Porec is a tourist centre famous for its beautiful natural landscape, long tradition in tourism and several well-equipped tourist resorts: Plava and Zelena Laguna (Blue and Green Lagoon), Brulo, Pical, Spadici. In 1844 the steamers society, the Austrian Lloyd from Trieste, opened a tourist line which included Porec, and already in 1845 the first tourist guide of Porec was printed. After having founded a meteorological station in Porec in 1863, Marquis Polesini had a castle built on the islet of St. Nicholas, in which many prominent persons stayed after visiting St. Euphrasius' Basilica. In the 1880s Porec had many distinguished visitors: Archduchess Stephania, Archdukes Karlo Stephan and Karl Ludwig, and the Duke of Parma, even the Chinese ambassador Li Fong Pao! The first hotel (Alla citta di Trieste) was built in Porec. The first public beach in Porec was constructed in 1895 on the islet of St. Nicholas, and in 1910, together with the construction of the first large hotel (Rivijera), which has survived until the present day, the beach of the same name was arranged on the southern part of the town. Since 1900, when the regulation about the price lists for dishes, drinks and rooms was passed, Porec has been investing much in tourism, and in the 1970s it became one of the most prestigious Croatian tourist resorts. Being a tourist resort with the largest number of hotels, apartments, campsites, rooms, Porec has a diverse tourist offer. There are numerous tennis courts, gyms, sports grounds, together with horseback riding, water-skiing, bungee jumping, yachting and diving opportunities. Many cultural events are organized throughout the year: classical music concerts (from May to September) in St. Euphrasius' Basilica, jazz evenings in the Museum of Porec (stone collection department) or picturesque folk feasts in nearby Tar and Funtana. A tourist train runs regularly through Porec. There is also a marina. A small airport for aerial sports, Crljenka, is located in nearby Vrsar.

Brulo - Porec. Brulo is a hotel resort in a pine forest, situated above a rocky beach, with several terraces, maintained paths and swimming pools.

Plava Laguna - Porec. Tourist resort Plava Laguna spreads over two peninsulas. It is one of the first hotel resorts in Istria, located in a well-maintained evergreen forest near the rocky, flat coast with maintained beaches.

Zelena Laguna - Porec. Tourist resort Zelena Laguna lies along a forested and well-indented coast, with a flat and maintained beach. The resort disposes of around 20 tennis courts, basketball grounds, football fields and miniature golf -courses. The recreational offer includes also jogging trails, a gym, horseback riding and other opportunities. Apart from hotel and apartment ca-pa-ci-ties, accommodation can be found in the campsite. There is also a small marina with 100 berths.

Parentium Marina has 200 berths in the sea and 50 places on the land.

The islet of St. Nicholas - Porec. The islet can be reached by boat which starts regularly from the town promenade. The rocky coast has many maintained beaches, and there are several tennis courts.

Pical - Porec. Pical lies a few-minute walk from the old part of the town, in a rich forest above a beautiful beach. There are 12 tennis courts, one indoor and one outdoor swimming pool, and several congress halls.

spadici-Materada - Porec. The location includes one of the first nudist campsites on the Adria - Ulika, situated near a long, beautiful, rocky but well-maintained beach and ringed by large olive-groves. A path along the coast of the Cove of St. Martin leads to the hotels Materada, Turist and Luna with their annexes. Preserved nature and crystal clear sea.


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