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Pozega - CroatiaPozega

A town in the south-western part of the Pozeska Valley in the region of Slavonia; elevation 152 m; population 21,046. Chief occupations include farming, viticulture, livestock breeding, metal-processing (foundry, machines and tractors, household appliances), foodstuffs (chocolate, sweets and liqueurs), textiles (ready-made), wood and timber, building material (bricks, roof tiles) and printing industries. Pozega is located on the main road (M1.6) Nova Gradiska Pozega Nasice and the railroad Batrina Pozega.

An attractive location of the town in the middle of the fertile Pozeska Valley, 800-years old cultural and historical heritage and carefully cherished traditions underlie the tourist development of Pozega. The importance of this region may also be seen in its Roman name, Vallis Aurea the Golden Valley.

The central town square with a number of nice buildings (the church of the Holy Spirit, the Franciscan monastery, the Town House, etc.) and a plague column is one of the most beautiful squares in Croatia. Pozega hosts a number of traditional cultural events and performances. Grgurevo (St. Gregory's Day) is the traditional show of canons and mortars, exhibited on the central square (12th of March). The event includes the mortar fire in Pozega vineyards, which symbolizes chasing of the Ottomans from the region and commemorates the victory over the Turks on the Sokolovac hill in 1688. The festival of Croatian one-minute films and the national dog show are held in May. The events in June include St. John's Bonfire (21st of June) and "Kulenijada", a special event dedicated to presentation and tasting of the very best Slavonian paprika-flavoured sausages (kulen), served with local wines (end of June, beginning of July). The major sports event, auto and motor-cycling race (in June and August), is held at the Glavica race-track. The events in September include "Fisijada" (fishing and preparing of Slavonia-style freshwater fish specialities) and the most important music event the festival Golden Strings of Slavonia (third weekend in September). This event is a contest of folk music performers and singers but also includes other events (grape harvest, beauty contest the most "swaggering" peasant girl, national costumes show, etc.). Organ music evenings are organized on the occasion of the Town's Day and in commemoration of its patroness, St. Teresa of Avila (15th of October).

The sports hall Grabrik, a track and field athletics stadium, the Orljava river and the surrounding hills are major sports and recreational facilities of Pozega and its surroundings. Angling opportunities are provided on the Orljava and the Velicanka rivers, small game hunting in the lowlands and high game hunting in the nearby hills. Traditional Slavonia-style specialities and quality wines are offered in Pozega and its surroundings.