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Diving is underwater stay of an individual by means of technical equipment allowing underwater breathing (diving with the scuba). People dive for sports or recreation, exploration, performance of specific underwater works, diving instructions combined with tours of the underwater world diving tourism.

Who can do diving in Croatia?
All persons in possession of a valid diver's licence.

Diver's licence
Diver's licences are issued for 1-year term by the Croatian Diving Association and can be bought at the diving centers and clubs along the whole Adriatic coast. The diver's licence is issued only to a person with satisfactory diving qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports.
A fee for issuance of a diver's licence in Croatia is Kn 100.

Let's preserve the undersea world!
Diving in the parts of Croatia's coastal and territorial sea are protected as cultural treasures.
Diving in national parks is allowed only if approved by the Ministry of Culture. Diving in the national parks of Brijuni and Krka is not allowed.