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Health tourism

Bizovacke toplice

Location: Well-known spa with medicinal springs exceptionally rich in minerals, 18 km west of Osijek on the road Osijek-Zagreb (Podravina road).

Medical indications: Diseases of the respiratory system; chronic gynaecological diseases; neurological diseases; chronic rheumatism; damage of the locomotor system.

Accommodation: Termia Hotel, 205 beds (B category) and depadanse or hotel "Toplice" with swimming pools and all other facilities.

Connections: By rail: Zagreb - Osijek. By road: Zagreb - Osijek (Podravina Road), and Budapest - Pech - Osijek. By air: Osijek Airport (24 km from Bizovac).

Bizovacke toplice
Suncana 39, 31222 Bizovac
Tel.: (031) 685 100
Fax: (031) 685 152

Note: The new Termia Hotel organizes cultural and entertainment events, symposia, professional seminars and sports events (tennis, bowling, hall sports, trim cabinet, and the like). The diagnosis-therapeutic centre provides electrotherapy (galvanization, modulated currents, short wave, interferential currents.

Krapinske toplice

Location: A centre of health-tourism located in Croatian zagorje (altitude 160 m), 40 km from Zagreb, with four springs of radioactive water with a temperature of 39-41 C.

Medical indications: Treatment of all forms of post-traumatic conditions of the locomotor system and spine; treatment of all post-operative conditions of the locomotor system, degeneration of the spine, and arthritic disorders; treatment of degenerative conditions, rheumatism, diabetes with neurological or anginous complications; post-operative rehabilitation of coronary infarct patients and surgery patients; treatment of heart surgery patients and convalescents; treatment of diseases in the peripheral vascular system and treatment of vascular surgery patients; treatment of coronary diseases.

Accommodation: Toplice Hotel, 300 beds, B category, indoor swimming-pool with thermal water and sports grounds; hospital for rheumatic diseases with 700 beds for adults and 150 for children, four indoor swimming-pools with thermal water and equipment for various forms of therapy. The tourist office can offer 350 beds in private accommodation.

Connections: Frequent coaches to Zagreb.

Bolnica za reumatske bolesti i rehabilitaciju
Gajeva 2, 49217 Krapinske toplice
Tel. (049) 232 122
Fax. (049) 232 322

Hotelsko ugostiteljsko poduzece "Toplice"
Tel. (049) 232 165

Turisticko drustvo (tourist office)
Zagrebacka 2, 49217 Krapinske toplice
Tel. (049) 232 106

Note: The hospital has a children's ward for treatment.


Location: In the Pakra valley (altitude 152 m), at the foot of the forested slopes of Psunj and Papuk, 112 km from Zagreb. There are several springs of salt-alkaline, medicinal thermo-mineral waters in the health centre park.

Medical indications: Disorders of the locomotor system; heart and vascular diseases; sciatica, lumbago and multiple sclerosis; all types of rheumatic complaint.

Accommodation: Lipik Hotel, B category, 326 beds.

Connections: Coaches to Zagreb.

Bolnica za rehabilitaciju "Bozidar Maslaric"
Marije Terezije 13, 34551 Lipik
Tel. (034) 421 322
Fax. (034) 421 360

Stubicke toplice

Location: A well-known spa in Croatian zagorje with a Rehabilitation Centre (altitude 168 m), 40 km from Zagreb.

Medical indications: Degenerative diseases of the joints and spine; inflammatory and rheumatic complaints; non-joint rheumatism; effects of trauma such as fractures, joint fractures, scars, polytrauma; post-operative conditions; rehabilitation of the locomotor system after disease or damage in the peripheral or central nervous system; rehabilitation after cerebrovascular disturbance; rehabilitation and treatment of progressive muscular dystrophy; active medical holiday programmes.

Accommodation: Matija Gubec and Jezercica Hotels, part of the Rehabilitation-Recreational Centre in Donja Stubica

Connections: Frequent coaches from Zagreb.

Centar za rehabilitaciju, 49244 Stubicke toplice
Tel. (049) 282 501, (049) 282 420, (049) 282 024
Fax. (049) 282 024

Turisticko drustvo Stubicke toplice
Tel./Fax. (049) 282 677

"Generalturist" Central booking, 10000 Zagreb
Tel. (01) 4805 555
Fax. (01) 4805 652

Varazdinske toplice

Location: A health resort with a long tradition in the north of Croatian zagorje, 15 km from Varazdin, 69 km from Zagreb; excellent bioclimatic factors and thermal water (58C) with sulphur and fluorine, suitable for the treatment of various diseases.

Medical indications: Spinal injuries and diseases; rheumatic illness; neurological conditions and diseases; orthopaedic diseases and deformities; post-operative and post-injury conditions and diseases in the locomotor system; rehabilitation for children from 2 to 14 years.

Accommodation: The modern Minerva Centre for Active Holidays Medicine organizes medically programmed active holidays for workers. The centre has 570 beds, equipment for functional diagnostics, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a trim cabinet, sauna, solarium, grounds for various sports, a 600-seat congress hall, and tennis courts.

Connections: Direct coach service to Varazdin and Zagreb.

Bolnica za reumatske bolesti i rehabilitaciju
Trg slobode 1, 42223 Varazdinske toplice
Tel. (042) 630 206
Fax. (042) 630 827

Hotel Minerva
Tel. (042) 630 438, (042) 630 831
Fax: (042) 630 826

Hotel Terme
Tel. (042) 630 407


Note: The thermal springs in this area were used in Roman times, as can be seen from excavated baths, and reliefs showing health cures, which are displayed in the health centre park.