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Hunting and Fishing


Hunting in Croatia is strictly regulated by law and is permitted only to members of hunting clubs, and preregistered and organized groups of hunters or tourists. It is of great importance for hunters to respect the Hunters' Fund and protect animal species. Hunting clubs have special areas in which they are authorised to hunt and care for wild animals. In Croatia there are certain endangered species such as the lynx, weasel, and otter. These animals have been placed under permanent protection. The list of game and game-fowl in Croatia include: fallow deer, red deer, roe, wild boar, marten, fox, wild cat, polecat, hare, pheasant, partridge, quail, wild duck and wild goose in Slavonia; chamois, wolf, bear, capercaillie and grouse in Gorski Kotar; chamois in Dalmatinska Zagora; moufflon on the islands of Cres and Mali Losinj.

For more detailed information please contact:
The Hunters Association of Croatia Lovacki savez Hrvatske V. Nazora 61 41000 Zagreb Croatia
"Lovac" Hunting Tourism Agency Varsavska 4 41000 Zagreb Croatia


Fishing Croatia's fresh waters are home to 200 types of fish, and you can find fresh-water crab in some steams. Fishing associations have jurisdiction over their fishing territory, and have the responsibility of stocking and farming fish. A seasonal or daily fee must be paid to receive a fishing licence. There are specified seasons during which certain types of fish can be caught, and maximum daily limits exist. Fishing, like hunting, is regulated by law and regulations are strict. Laws concerning underwater gun fishing, using explosive or chemical means are even stricter. Fishing is prohibited in reserves, therefore you should inquire about banned fishing locations in advance.

For more detailed information please contact:

The Angling Association of Croatia Ribolovni savez Hrvatske Trg Sportova 11 41000 Zagreb Croatia
Association for Sea Sports, Fishing and Underwater Activities of Croatia Savez organizacija za sportski ribolov na moru i podvodne djelatnosti Hrvatske Dalmatinska 12 41000 Zagreb