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Croatia, in the opinion of many, Europe's most beautiful garden has been an attractive naturist destination for five decades. Naturism from its first beginnings in 1936 on the island of Rab, naturally with the permission of the town authorities, was begun by respectable guests Edward VIII and his beloved Wallis Simpson. From the construction of the first facilities until today the continued development and variety offered to naturists has ensured that regular guests are joined by more and more new guests every year.
You probably already know that Croatia was the first European tourist country to open its doors to naturists several decades ago!
It's long tradition and hospitable population have made this country a favourite of naturists, known lovers of nature and its most loyal protectors, today as in years before. Croatia can really boast of natural beauty.
Eight national parks (Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet on the coast and the Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Paklenica, Risnjak and Northern Velebit inland) and almost 10% of its territory environmentally protected, a rich cultural heritage, developed tourist infrastructure, hospitable people and accessibility are major, but not the only, aces of tourism in Croatia.
Even though its area of about 90 thousand km2, of which two thirds is land and a third sea, categorise it as a medium sized European country, Croatia abounds with natural environmental diversity. The authentic mediterranean atmosphere, long gone in other places, a thousand islands - each a world in itself, towns rich in historical and cultural heritage are without equal. Of the many medieval towns with cultural and historical monuments, the ones under UNESCO protection are: the Diocletian Palace in Split, the old nucleus of Trogir, the Euphrasius Basilica in Porec, the cathedral in Sibenik and the city of Dubrovnik.
In addition to the beauty of the coast we must make mention of the inland rich with mountains and mediterannean caves, river rafting and the endless fields of Slavonia… There really is plenty to see!

The spirit and culture of the Croatian people is evident not only in their everyday life or in the streets, but also in museum collections, exhibitions, concerts of classical music and theatre. In the same measure they can be found in the folk customs that come to life during festivals or in town museums where life has been going on in the same stone-paved streets, same churches, same squares for hundreds of years.
Few, if any - even if they have only seen it once - have forgotten the town-monuments such as Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Porec, Zadar, Pula, the Croatian metropolis of Zagreb or inland towns - Osijek, Varazdin and many others. Get to know Croatia!

Croatia has a long tradition of naturist tourism, creating an image of an ideal naturist destination by organisation and construction of adequate specialised buildings and facilities. Continued until today!
Along the entire Adriatic coast, from Savudrija to Dubrovnik, by offering naturists an appropriate selection in a natural setting in which a balance between man and nature is achieved through sports, healthy food and facilities, a pleasant and interesting holiday is ensured. There are also the benefits of the sun, water and air, life in nature and with nature, enjoying the original and healthy tastes and smells of the Mediterranean.
Therefore, our journey through Croatia's naturist destinations - a reminder for our old guests and guide for naturist beginners - will be an introduction to Croatian centres, hotels, tourist villages and camps. Aware of the fact that we can't tell you everything, we'll take you to the places where naturist tradition is combined with modern facilities. Together, we will also visit many natural naturist beaches, beaches that are not officially recognised as such but are well known and it has been verified that the local people know and accept naturist rules. Let's go on together! Welcome!

In harmony with nature:

There are numerous reasons why Croatia is an endearing tourist destination for naturists. Some will find that mutual affection for its tradition, some in the closeness with nature, which is the basis of naturist philosophy, and some in the tourist infrastructure, which suits the needs of naturists. All of them are thrilled with Croatia.
That naturism, in Croatia, is constantly adapting to suit the needs and life philosophies of its guests is made evident by the rich variety of sports and recreational activities offered. Respecting the naturist orientation towards the protection nature, which is one of the major commitments of tourism in Croatia, Croatian naturist centres are praised for their protection of the environment and some naturist destinations such as "Valalta" Rovinj, "Koversada" Vrsar, "Ulika" Cervar Porat are adorned with the prestigious international symbol of a protected environment - the "Blue Flag".
Naturist centres accept all guests with the International Naturist Federation (INF) member's card and all families that follow naturist rules. It should be stated that single men without the International Naturist Federation member's card, as a rule are not admitted.
Besides naturist centres and camps with parts assigned to naturists, there are many beaches on the Adriatic that are not especially marked. Make note that although naturism is tolerated, don't be the first naturists on a beach you're not familiar with, especially if it is in the vicinity of a town or village!
A piece of advice to lovers of naturism: take these recommendations into account. After all, we are only offering this advice as good and hospitable hosts to true naturists. Welcome!