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Nautical tourism

The Croatian coast, abounding in natural harbors, with its countless bays, beaches, ports and marinas is a real heaven for navigators. Natural indentedness of the Croatian coast enables rest and stopover in different surroundings.

There are 48 marinas in Croatia, which is a member of the association of marinas and have 13.000 moorings in the sea and 7.500 on the land. Marinas continuously work to improve and enrich their services, and to adjust to the new needs and wishes of their guests.

Many ports of nautical tourism made some additions to their service: traditional cuisine, water and electricity, doctor's services, services of charter companies, accommodation in apartments, and electronic surveillance and security of guests belongings.

Adriatic Croatia International Club, among the navigators better known as the ACI club is the leading company for nautical tourism in Croatia and presents a unique chain of 21 marinas which extend from Dubrovnik in the south to Umag in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic. In the 18 years of conducting business the ACI marinas have through their efforts of developing popularization of sailing and by means of recognizable architectural characteristics realized recognizable quality of services. Visitors to the modernly equipped ACI marina can along with the regular reception, use other technical services, have access to restaurants, snack-bars, stores, laundromats and other contents which enrich their stay and make it pleasurable. Those holding yearly contracts with the ACI marinas can enjoy special services available to club members only (10% discount on mooring prices in any ACI marina, discounts on various services in the marinas, possibility of yearly combined (sea/land) moorings contract). The ACI club is known to the professional navigators as a regatta organizer in dual sailing, among which, the ACI cup and World Cup in dual sailing held in Dubrovnik in 1996 And in Split in 2000 stand out.

The association, among other things stands out in the promotion of nautical tourism in Croatia and is a participant in all major nautical fairs in Europe. The association of nautical tourism, that is Croatian Marina Association, has achieved successful cooperation with the yacht club Austria, the Board for marinas at the Slovenian Chamber of commerce, and the German association of motor yachts.

During the year 1997 contracts were signed on five-year cooperation with the German association. With the yacht club Austria and the Slovenian Chamber of commerce contract was signed for one year, with the clause of automatic extension of contract after the expiry date.

The members of the Croatian marina association, according to the mentioned contracts, enable discounts on services in marinas to the contracting parties. In turn Croatian marinas get complete support in Austrian media services. They receive free support in all media accessible to the German association of motor yachts (Stander magazine, daily and summer press, professional magazines, TV and radio promotion).

With the Croatian airlines a contract has been signed by which navigators who have signed contracts on renting yearly moorings in any of the marinas of the Association can once a year get 50% off, and every other time 30% off the price of an airplane ticket.

Because nautical tourism represents one of the most attractive tourist offers of our country, the Association of nautical tourism is where useful and vital information for navigators can be obtained, and where they can discuss professional problems, and with the help of the association solve them. Therefore advancing tourism to the joy and contentment of the navigators and guests who have chosen our coast, islands and sea as their holiday destination.

Association of nautical tourism
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