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The coast

Opatija, Lovran, Moscenicka Draga and Volosko are only some of the resplendent gems in the Kvarner Riviera that streches like a necklace at the foot of Mount Ucka.
It was exactly here in Opatija that the great adventure started, in 1844, Ignio Scarpa, a wealthy merchant from Rijeka, ordered a villa to be built for his wife Angiolina. The decision proved to be more than felicitous. It signed the beginning of fame and fortune for the locality that, according to an old document from 1453, had a Benedictine monastery - the St. Jacob's Abbey ("opatija"). Thank to its mild and salubrious climate and a luxuriant flora enriched with exotic plants such as magnolias, giant sequoias, cammelias and palm trees, the entire area becomes a centre of an elitist tourism. Shortly after Villa Angiolina was built, other villas and palaces grew Villa Jeanette, Villa Esperia, Villa Madonna and hotels Kvarner, Imperial, Bellevue, and Astoria, all of them echoing the Renescence, Baroque, and Neo-classic architecture.
Few kilometres from Opatija lays the town of Rijeka (roman Tarsatica). It is the administrative centre of the Zupanija Primorsko-goranska region, and the important railway, road, air and maritime centre. It is said that the name Kvarner derives from the Latin Qua(te) rnarius that stays for the approach routes to the gulf according to the cardinal points.
The walls of the fortresses in Bakar and Kraljevica (16th and 17th cent.) are the testemony of the power of counts Zrinski who, alike the Frankopans, have left everywhere traces of their rule and prestige.
Following the coast toward Crikvenica, which lays 14 kilometres further south, we pass through Jadranovo and Dramalj.

The Islands

New contents are addes to variety of the tourist offer by the archipelago including the islands Krk, Cres, Losinj, Rab and other smaller ones. Rich sacral-art and ethnological collections, monasteries and churches are waiting th art-lovers to discover them. The nature gave a precious gift to the islands of Kvarner by giving them beautiful beaches, hidden in dephts and clear sea. Here one can really experience full contact with the sea-from bathing or diving to excellent sea-food, enriched with virgin olive oil, apices and aromas that give a renown Mediterranean taste.