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Aktivurlaub und Sport

Records dating from the 16th century illustrate the promotion of sports in Croatia. The organization of the School of Fencing in Dubrovnik, and the first Marksman Club in Zagreb, both formed in the 18th century, are examples of a long tradition in sports. Common villagers competed in a variety of events such as shot put, tug of war, and long jump. In Slavonia, the tradition of these village sports is preserved through Village Olympics. Other forms of competitions and events originated in the distant past. The competition known as "Sinjska alka" is held annually in Sinj. Riders dressed in old Croatian costume attempt to hit a metal ring (alka) with a spear, while their horses are in full gallop. This competition is carried out to celebrate the Croatian Army's successful defence from Turkish invasion. The visitors in Korcula have the opportunity to see live chivalry in the form of The Dalmatian Sword Dance (Moreska). The dancers competing with sabres are a reminder of the war between the Spaniards and Arabs, in which the Korculans were involved. Modern sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball, were introduced in Croatia in the 19th century. Today the most popular sports in Croatia are soccer and basketball. International competitions have brought some outstanding results in basketball, water polo, volleyball, handball, table tennis and bowling.